Summer Research Opportunities Program

The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) is a gateway to graduate education at CIC universities.  The goal of the program is to increase the number of underrepresented students who pursue graduate study and research careers.  SROP helps prepare undergraduates for graduate study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors and enrichment activities.


Madeleine Uraih

Junior, Johns Hopkins University
Majoring in Public Health, Sociology, and Africana Studies

Low-Income Communities in Chicago: Student Perceptions of Health

Ifreke sm


Ifreke King

Junior, University of Illinois, Chicago
Majoring in Kinesiology

Food Retailers and Policymakers Views about Nutrition and Obesity in Black Communities

Jaime sm


Jaime Wong

Graduate from Willamette University

The Effect of Education, Weight and Income on Physical Activity Levels in Obese African American Women

Janet sm


Janet Hermosillo-Medina

Junior, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies

Assessing the Knowledge and Perception of the value of Telemedicine Services Among Ethnic Minority Communities

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Cyanna McGowan


Cyanna McGowan

Junior, Vanderbilt University
Majoring in Medicine, Health and Society with a concentration in Global Health

Identifying Factors that Influence Bystander Motivation to Initiate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation



Jessica Merma

Junior, University of Iowa
Majoring in Health & Human Physiology and Spanish

A Comparative Assessment of Parental Perceptions of the Health of School Aged, Ethnic Minority Children From Two Chicago Communities



Michael Thomas

Junior, Morehouse College
Majoring in Psychology

Exploration of Health Beliefs of African American Men



Susana Urquiza

Junior, University of Illinois Urbana
Majoring in Community

Evaluating the Influence a Capacity-building Education Program has on the Development of Health Ministries

Natalia Jordan Ortiz


Natalia J. Ortiz

Universidad del Este at Puerto Rico
University of Illinois at Chicago

A Comparison of Health Needs and Use of Health Care Services Expressed by Latino Youth and Parents in Chicago’s Brighton Park Community


Ashley Stone

University of Illinois at Chicago

Selling Obesity: Analyzing the Food-Retail Environment Surrounding Elementary Schools

 Lakeesha J. Harris


Lakeesha Harris

Northeastern Illinois University

Out of Faith: LGBTQ African Americans & Their Barriers to Faith-Based Community Services



Latrese A. Monden

Northeastern Illinois University
University of Illinois at Chicago

The Cost of Inequality: Maternal Perceptions of Stress and Social Support among Low-Income African-American Women



Lauren Bottoms

An Exploratory Study of Cultural Competency in Community-Based Organizations


Chris Barnes

Junior, Western Illinois University

The Invisible Men: Low Income Unwed African American Fathers

 Donna Reed


Donna S. Reed

An Evaluation of Teaching Methods and Preventing Childhood Obesity

 Tumaria McDaniel


Tumaria McDaniel

Junior, University of Illinois at Chicago

Examining Congregational Capacity to Support Reintegration of Female Ex-Offenders in Chicago



Safiat Amuwo

Comparative Analysis of participants lost to follow-up in the Chicago Lawndale REACH 2010 program


Angel Griffin

Junior, University of Illinois at Chicago

An Evaluation of a Case Management Program Aimed to Reduce Infant Mortality Among African Americans: The Greater Englewood Healthy Start Initiative

Brenda Pacheo


Brenda Pacheco

Junior, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Impact of Greater Englewood Healthy Start Case Management Program on Disparities of birth among Mexican/Mexican-American Women: Refining the Protocol


Jennifer Fonseca

Examining Latino Self-Healing Methods to Better Educate Health Professionals in Establishing a Trustful Relationship between the Patient and the Physician


LaTrice Snodey

Junior, University of Illinois at Chicago
Applied Health Science

An Assessment of the Capabilities of Church Based Health Ministries on Chicago’s Near West Side