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In response to the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for a Community Health Needs Assessment, the Population Health Sciences Program in collaboration with UI Health System Marketing, the Survey Research Lab and the School of Public Health, has developed The UNiversity of Illinois Survey ONeighborhood Health (UNISON Health), a community health needs assessment of Primary Service Area served by the UI Health System.


What is UNISON Health?

  • UNISON Health is the University of Illinois Survey ONeighborhood Health
  • The study involves Extensive in-person community health assessment of 1400 local residents
  • Survey questions cover:
    • Demographics
    • General health
    • Prevalence of health conditions
    • Quality of life
    • Health-related behaviors
    • Household and neighborhood assets
    • Knowledge of the Affordable Care Act
    • Healthcare access & utilization
  • Some respondents with hypertension, diabetes, or asthma will receive additional questions.

UNISON 1Why is UNISON Health Important?

  • UNISON Health will help us understand the health and health needs of the diverse community served by the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Health).

  • Information learned from UNISON Health will be used to develop and implement programs to improve health care for those who need it the most.

  • Information will be shared with the university, community, and public health partners.


If you have questions about the UNISON Health study objectives, please Contact unison@uic.edu.