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Educational Series

Upcoming Trainings

Fall / Winter Sessions:


Session: ABC’s of Diabetes - What You Need to Know Heading link

In this series you will learn about diabetes, it’s impact on the body and the importance of keeping it under control. You will learn ways to help manage diabetes through healthy eating and will also be able to view a live virtual cooking demo.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nov 14 10:00am-11:30am
Nov 28 10:00am-11:30am

Session: Compassion Fatigue Heading link

Participants in this session will define what is compassion fatigue? Participants will also discuss:
- the difference between compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue
- the difference between burnout and secondary trauma as features of compassion fatigue
- the symptoms and risk factors of compassion fatigue
- utilizing various self-awareness exercises to identify one’s risk of developing compassion fatigue
- how to identify and understand how to apply the ABC’s of preventing compassion fatigue (Awareness, Balance, Connections) and the key components of self-care.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nov 9 12pm -1pm

Educational Series Heading link

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