May Researcher: Dr. Audrey Stillerman

Community Research Summary:

Childhood Experiences and Lifelong Health: How do we Teach and Apply the Science?

Audrey Stillerman, MD ABFM ABIHM ABOIM
Associate Director of Medical Affairs and Medical Director of School Health Centers
Office of Community Engagement & Neighborhood Health Partnerships
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago


Audrey Stillerman, MD is double board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine and recently completed Phase 1 certification from the Child Trauma Academy in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. In 2017 with nurse and physician colleagues, Dr. Stillerman co-founded The Center for the Collaborative Study of Trauma, Health Equity and Neurobiology (THEN), a multi-disciplinary community of health professional trainees, clinicians, scientists and activists committed to understanding neurodevelopment, preventing and treating the consequences of childhood adversity, and promoting lifelong health and health equity.