Karriem S. Watson, MPH, MS

Karriem1Community Research Summary:

Supporting Engagement & Enrollment in Clinical Trials S.E.E.C.
A Review to examine recruitment and enrollment of African Americans in Clinical Trials

Karriem S. Watson, MPH, MS
Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Community Engagement in Clinical Research
University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: ksadot@hotmail.com

Karriem S. Watson is the Director of Recruitment, Retention and Community Engagement in Clinical Research for the CCTS at UIC. He has over 13 years of experience in clinical and translational research having worked in both industry and academic settings. Prior to joining the CCTS, Karriem was the Research Manager in the Department of Neurosurgery at UIC overseeing NIH studies and over 33 investigator initiated and industry sponsored studies around stroke, brain tumors and aneurysms. His hope is to use his MPH that he also holds from UIC School of Public Health to add a public health framework to the engagement of underrepresented communities in clinical research. He also hopes to address issues of training and lack of minority investigators by providing training and clinical research exposure opportunities to students as early as 8th grade. In addition to his work at the CCTS, Karriem also serves as an instructor in the Graduate College at Northwestern University and an instructor in the College of Health Sciences at DePaul University. He has presented best practices in community engagement and training in clinical research at several national conferences.