July Researcher: Dr. Andrew Boyd

Community Research Summary:

Why does it seem the nurses and doctors contradict each other when talking to patients?

Assistant Professor of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences,
Medical Education, and Physical Therapy
University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: boyda@uic.edu

Dr. Andy Boyd received his M.D. at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He completed his fellowship in biomedical and health informatics at the University of Michigan. For his contribution to the field of Health Informatics, he was awarded 2015 UIC Researcher of the Year in Clinical Sciences, Rising Star. He has been a PI, Co-PI, Co-I on numerous grants from the NIH, DOD, and private foundations. Dr. Boyd’s research focuses on “data simplification to improve clinical outcomes” engaging patients. Data simplification to improve clinical outcomes is helping administrators to know the difference in care to help align treatment and care decisions with the patient. Please contact Dr. Boyd at boyda@uic.edu if you have additional questions.