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Children must be physically and mentally healthy to learn, grow and become responsible, healthy and happy adults. Our goal is to raise funds to renovate space in a Chicago school building to add a school based health center. The public school is located in Chicago’s Dearborn Public Housing community, one of the last remaining public housing communities on the near south side of Chicago. The health center will be supported by grants, individual donations and billing through Medicaid and other forms of insurance. Children and their family members will be seen regardless of their ability to pay.

Why a health center?

A school health center will reduce barriers to care that prevent youth and their families from seeking the health care they need. Kids and adolescents will receive health care at school and then return to learning in their classroom. Parents who do not have sick benefits do not need to miss work. Parents who are too overwhelmed by life to seek care for their children will be helped. Chronic illnesses like asthma will be addressed.

In a city where there is a great need for mental health services for kids, this will allow us to provide mental health services in the school. These services will be culturally relevant, street smart and developmentally appropriate.

We are committed to providing care to uninsured and under-insured families. However, in the current economic climate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to raise funds to achieve this goal. All support in any amount is welcomed even if the support is only sharing this campaign.

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