December Researcher: Dr. Paul J. Grippo

Community Research Summary:

Can diet combined with exposure to violence effect colon polyp (small clumps of tissue) development?

Paul J. Grippo, PhD
Associate Professor
Associate Director, UICC Training & Ed.Department of Medicine, UIC


Paul Grippo has been focused on the design and utility of mouse models of cancer for over 20 years as he continues to generate new mouse models, employing them in order to understand the initiation and progression of GI cancers including pancreatic and colorectal. His research is focused on identifying defects in cell signals which impact early stages of cancer, typically called neoplasia. One specific research focus is the effects of high fat diets on altered genes leading to cancer. Paul’s work has been funded by NIH/NCI, NIH/NIMHD, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the Lustgarten Foundation, the Rolfe Foundation, and others. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles and 5 chapters focused on mouse models of cancer and their utility in diet studies to measure their contribution at various stages of disease.