Greater Englewood Health Start Initiative

The Chicago Department of Health Greater Englewood Healthy Start Initiative is a program funded by the U.S. Health Resources and Service Administration a (HRSA). Greater Englewood Healthy Start was implemented 18 years ago to reduce the rate of infant mortality, low birth weight and other poor perinatal outcomes for women and infants living in Englewood and West Englewood communities. To achieve this goal, the program works closely with community residents, agencies, businesses, and schools, to improve the access to health care and social services. The identified population is high-risk pregnant women, infants, and fathers with young children.

Baby1UIC Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnerships (OCENHP) provides the leadership for the evaluation of this project. In collaboration with community representatives and partners, OCENHP provides leadership to the evaluation committee, manage and store all data, attend and report at all consortium meetings, provide written evaluation reports, and assist in establishing mechanisms for monitoring the implementation, collection, analysis, and reporting of program data. The evaluation includes assessment of mother and infant health outcomes, client satisfaction, effectiveness of case management, and impact of the Healthy Start Program on community and partnering agencies. Methods utilized in this evaluation include program participant and consortium member interviews and surveys, focus groups, and observation of the Consortium.

Associate Director for Community Engagement: Angela Ellison

OCENHP Staff also working on project:

• Evaluation Director: Dr. Cynthia (Cee) Barnes Boyd, RN, PhD, FAAN

• Project Director: Sabrina Nelson

• Research Interviewer: Lareina Anthony

The GEHSI collaborates with more than 25 agencies, including Consortium member agencies, to provide referrals and services to clients in areas such as mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention.

Past and Present Investors

• The program is funded by a grant from the Office of Maternal and Child Health of
Health Resources and Services Administraton (HRSA).

• GESHI is also supported by a matching grant/contract from the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention through a grant to the Chicago Department of Public Health.
CDPH contracts with UIC for program delivery, monitoring and evaluation.