CTC: Computer Training Courses at Instituto del Progresso

The University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnerships, in partnership with Instituto del Progreso Latino, a community-based nonprofit organization, received funding for a one-year program to provide computer training to 570 low-income Latinos and African Americans living in Chicago’s Pilsen (Lower West Side), Little Village (South Lawndale), South Deering, and Back-of-the-Yards (New City) communities. The proposed courses included Computers en Espanol (to introduce non-English speakers to computers) and Computers for Careers (to help participants learn how to use a computer to search for and apply for jobs).


Program Coordinator: Thea Crum

Program Dates

2000 – 2001

Partners – Community

• Instituto del Progreso Latino

Past and Present Investors

   • Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity