CEED Health Disparities

The goal of CEED@Chicago is to prevent and reduce the burden of diabetes and CVD among the Hispanic/Latino and African American populations in the Chicago metropolitan statistical area and eventually extending to the Midwest region and the United States. CEED@Chicago is building a multi-sector Coalition composed of businesses, institutions and individuals representing local government, health professionals, academic institutions, community and professional organizations, and community leaders all dedicated to changing social determinants that are needed to reach this goal.

The CEED@Chicago Coalition identified food equity and health literacy as our two policy priority areas. Our Food Equity Policy Committee has been focusing on policies that promote the local production and distribution of healthy food as well as policies that improve available data to make it easier to identify underserved communities. CEED@Chicago’s Health Literacy/Community Health Workers Policy Committee is working to increase information about healthy eating and physical activity to our communities through the services of community health workers.

CEED@Chicago members have access to training and technical assistance. They also have opportunities to promote their work and successes.

CEED Leadership:

• Co-Investigator: Dr. Cynthia (Cee) Barnes Boyd, RN, PhD, FAAN

• Co-Investigator: Joseph M. Harrington

• Community Engagement Coordinator: Sabrina Nelson

• Associate Director for Community Engagement: Angela Ellison


• Chicago Department of Public Health

• University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnerships

• Midwest Latino Health Research, Training and Policy Center

Past and Present Investors  

• Center for Disease Control and Prevention