Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting

This program provided supportive home care services to families of infants at risk of an adverse outcome due to perinatal problems that include the following:

• birth weight of less than 1500grams
• positive urine toxicology/drug withdrawal in newborn
• birth defects
• serious congenital infections
• endocrine, metabolic or immune disorder
• blood disorder

Families received home visits by a nurse and community worker team for up to 2 years through the APORS program. In addition to medical services, advocacy, assistance in gaining access health care resources and health education, families received assistance in designing an individual plan to enhance the development of children at risk of developmental delay. Program staff worked with university, city and community agencies to insure that families have access to resources designed specifically for infants with special needs.

Program Dates

2002 – 2009


• UIC Medical Center
• Chicago Department of Public Health

Past and Present Investors

• Illinois Department of Human Services