April Researcher: Roxana Hadad

Community Research Summary:

Using Makerspaces to Introduce Computational Thinking

Principal Investigator
Assessing Computational Thinking for Making Activities (ACTMA)
Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education
University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: rhadad2@uic.edu

Roxana Hadad is a PhD student in the Educational Psychology Department in the College of Education at UIC, as well as the Director of Math, Science, and Technology at the Center for College Access and Success at Northeastern Illinois University. She received her Master’s degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University. Her work involves introducing students from underrepresented populations to STEM fields through engaging, culturally responsive, hands-on experiences. She is especially interested in the development of CT skills and dispositions as an issue of equity. You can contact her at rhadad2@uic.edu or follow her at @rhadad on Twitter.