Partners Councils

OCEAN-HP is guided by a Partner’s Council for Community Health.  The Partner’s Council engages external partners including representatives from community-based, city or state public service organizations; and internal partners including faculty or staff of the university that have an interest in Community research, service or education. The Partner’s council is co-facilitated by a community partner.   Membership is reviewed and refreshed annually.


Committee Charge

OCEAN-HP is a committee of faculty, staff, representatives from community based organizations, public service providers, schools, clergy and community residents. Members have an interest in fostering communication and collaboration between the medical center and its neighboring communities. The committee meets bi-monthly with meetings co-chaired by a member of the university and community member. The charge to this committee is as follows:

  • Provide an arena to exchange information about
    • 1) University of Illinois at Chicago involvement in its immediate community
    • 2) the community’s perception of the value and need for such involvement.
  • Provide an arena to explore partnership opportunities between university faculty, staff, community representatives and organizations.
  • Provide a supportive environment for faculty scholars, researchers and service providers to present research, new programs and solicit input from community representatives.
  • To review and evaluate University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center’s involvement in episodic community outreach activities such as community events, focus groups and presentations.
  • To provide a forum to address issues of mutual concern.